Cultivation and Wholesale of Industrial Hemp flowers

Vertiskos Organics

Industrial Hemp Flowers

Outdoor cultivation of seedless flowers. High quality and mountainous scents


Ideal growth Environment

Particular Soil characteristics, living soil, warm and dry microclimate, 800m altitude

Sustainable Farming Approach

Following the standards of organic and regenerative agriculture, without chemicals or pesticides, with the use of effective microorganisms and beneficial insects

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For wholesale of white label or gross flowers

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Devoted, Passionate and dedicated to quality

Why choosing our flowers?

Growing in this latitude as well as in a mountainous microclimate are the facts that compose our competitive advantage

drying process vertiskos organics

Our philosophy


With respect towards nature and its processes, emphasizing on utilizing soil life


Devotion and daily observation from starting the seeds until drying the harvest



On an environmental and business level


Scientific approaches for problem solving and obtaining the best result


Photos of the farm